Thanks so much to MizzWingzxs181 for making this cover for me!
    And to HesAllUpOnMe for supporting this poem =)
THATS FING AMAZING I LOVE YOU so much you are such a great writer 
                                    :) XDXDXD
I love, love, love this! creepy in some parts but fascinating all the same. Love your writing! Keep up the good work. :D
Woah this is way better than anything i have ever written :D!
@ThunderrXD Simply amazing! You should become a professional poet, you definitely have the potential! I really liked how you described so perfectly and vividly thus giving me a clear view to what you are unfolding!
                                    Yeah I know what you mean. You have ideas or got inspired and you know that u have to write it down or something! And you're welcome for making ur night! ^o^ glad I did!
                                    Hey there again! This poem . . . Well it was awesome. I understand creepy buht I say it was like: "paybacks a bitch". I really like how it made me think and think . . . And think even more ^o^. (Voted too).
                                    Very good job and I will read it over and over again. X)