Detroit: Become Human Fanmade Sequel /// New York: Become The Machine.

Detroit: Become Human Fanmade Sequel /// New York: Become The Machine.

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RK1.1 By TheWHOWaffles Updated Apr 15

Based on the lives of the RK series they have a story. Where there is a god, there is the devil. Against all odds.. this story isn't over.  Another set of challenges ensue the lives of androids and humans. Markus now a public figure he struggles to be a leader and in turn affects the lives of many. Cyberlife's project codename penguin failed to deliver and left the assembly plant abandoned, things aren't always as they seem. For there is life in the many layers of the plant in Detroit.  In the police department, Connor was lost. now, he is lonely. From the bubbled world of Detroit, wondering if he is the last Connor. Until one-day unexplainable things are happening in Detriot, a sign that transpired into madness.. Into the mysterious IM7.

 In new york things spread from there, we meet Colin. An RK900 248 Special Edition. Freshly dispatched and is a Cyberlife agent, replacing someone who couldn't change. Colin is thrown into the loop of a deviant world in new york, where machines and deviants coexist. Cutthroat and a place were deviants have no humanity. What separates him is the deviant block, a form of code to suppress emotions. Cyberlife is producing new generation androids outside Detroit, leaving Detroit as a utopia for androids. He meets two partners Angela Cartwright and Edward J. 'Wallace' Hoffman. War strikes outwards, Markus now treating the unknown threat and facing even tougher decisions.   But Together with Angela, Edward and Colin, will they uncover the truth about Deciding the fate of humanity. To face a machine or Become a Machine.  

All rights of media go to the creators, it's a fan fiction book. 

Mature warning due to the progression such as bad language, drugs and sex.

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