The Lake (dbz yaoi)

The Lake (dbz yaoi)

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RoboticStripper By RoboticStripper Updated Nov 28, 2016

This takes place after Goku and Vegeta regain their tails.

Goku is missing and Vegeta takes it upon himself, to go search for him. But, what does he find? And what will he do about it? And how will he explain to Goku what's going on?

Contains yaoi or boy x boy. Pairings, VegetaxGoku & PiccoloxOC.

Disclaimer: I own nothing, except my OC's(Reka & Mona). Alright to dragon ball z, Kai, and GT goes to their original artists, creators, writers, and owners.

  • family
  • goku
  • mpreg
  • vegeta
  • yaoi
RavenChaser120 RavenChaser120 Apr 06, 2017
Bra...... I wanna be an imature peice of crud and laugh, but I wont.
RoboticStripper RoboticStripper Mar 21, 2015
@Aishatsufur I needed an oc to fill a spot in the story and so I used an oc I had on hand that I use whenever I need a space filled. I dont like leaving things lacking.and there are plenty of females in yaois. Trust me it gets better and makes more sense later.
GauthierKassandra GauthierKassandra Mar 21, 2015
Who is that bitch named Reka?And what is a female doing in a yaoi story?
                              this is strange.
RoboticStripper RoboticStripper May 27, 2014
@leahlozer working on it right now :) sorry its taking so long ^.^
RoboticStripper RoboticStripper May 24, 2014
@CrankTeenie  lol sorry about the confusion and it the story explains he was missing for so long because Goku was in heat and had left on instinct. And he was sleeping when Vegeta found him but I can see how it would confuse you.
RoboticStripper RoboticStripper May 15, 2014
@CrankTeenie  who are you asking about? and what exactly do you mean by your question?