Electrifying Love  ➵ Kaminari Denki x Reader [HIATUS]

Electrifying Love ➵ Kaminari Denki x Reader [HIATUS]

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❝ Just remember this,[name]. Snitches are bitches who will end up getting stitches, oh yeah and into ditches too hah!  ❞

➵ [warning: could possibly trigger some viewers contains bullying and violence. Characters are OOC]

➵ Today, class 1-A will be receiving a new student, [name] [last name]. 
She was different from all the other girls which resulted in guys giving more attention to [name], especially Denki Kaminari.
➵ This made the girls of 1-A furious when they found out only to do 'harmless pranks' to [name]. I mean, it's just a joke, right? She kept a smile on her face and hid it from everyone else except one day . . .