Supernatural X reader

Supernatural X reader

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Talia Dawson By bowtiedsimmergirl Updated Jul 25, 2015

Supernatural X Reader Prolouge

Supernatural X reader Prolouge

 you look at the sad scene before you,watching as the house you were born in burned down.You could hear the wail of sirens but all you could focus on was the fact you were all alone.Your parents were dead;the police didnt know it yet but you had seen the bodies before the fire had spread and your little brother was gone he wasnt there when you went to save him,he wasnt anywhere.

   You were only seven then. since then you had been moved from foster home to foster home never staying for more than a few weeks.Today you were starting at yet another new school,Mid-term...oh joy. 

 You walk into the class with your eyes downcast and your (h/c) hair creating a curtain to hide your face.You take a seat near the back corner waiting for class to start,The bell rings and a few minutes later a blonde twit comes sauntering in;decked out in trendy clothes and too much makeup.The teacher speaks with a sharp tone "Abi O. why ar...

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chemicalgin chemicalgin May 02, 2016
I read that and literally screamed ALON-SY in a room full of my family I need help
- - Jan 10, 2016
Yes, my exact thought process. IF SOMEONE SAYS A PLACE IS HAUNTED, DON'T GO.
_Forgive_and_Forget_ _Forgive_and_Forget_ Nov 02, 2015
Oh, you know, the usual saving of the aśsës of the idiotic human race that get involved with paranormal shït. Very common.
lucca_winchester lucca_winchester Oct 25, 2015
Omg! It perfectly matches with the time when Dean is going to get Sam out of Stanford! Sam and I are 22 and Dean is 26!
Destiel67Bellarke Destiel67Bellarke May 30, 2015
That's literally my answer when people ask me lol I'm very sarcastic. Sarcasm is gonna be the death of me
Destiel67Bellarke Destiel67Bellarke May 30, 2015
Saving idjits, Hunting monsters, my business because I apparently have no family