His Interest ✔

His Interest ✔

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This is the sequel to My Gang, Black Rose.

Tatiana and Vincent have a pretty big family. It starts with the 17-year-old triplets Daxton, Evelyn and Liliana. Then there is the 13-year-old child named Niko who loves being the only child in the family who doesn't have a to share his birthday with any siblings. Lastly, there are the twins Keagan and Nash, they are 7 years old. The triplets are already trained and in the Black Rose while Niko is just starting his training. The thing you should know about the triplets is that they should never be put in the same room as each other. When they are together things can get pretty crazy and trouble soon follows.

Melina Reyes comes from a small family. There is her 13-year-old brother who is a nosey little thing. There is also Melina's best friend Talia who has been living with her after her parents died. Then there are her parents Brisa and Marcos, they are both police officers in Mexico but that changes when Marcos has a new job offer. A rich old dude who is paranoid that people are after him offers Melina's dad the job of being his bodyguard. Since the old dude is rich and paying a hell of a lot more than the police station Melina's dad takes the job making them have to move to the U.S. Melina and Talia are forced to start a new school where they meet the triplets.

Daxton Hayes has seemed to take an interest in Melina.