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Euphie By Euphonics Completed

The name's Alexis Niko. And I'm, by definition, a perfectionist. 

'Do it, and do it perfectly.' That's the motto I live by. 

But in a world where nearly everything has been done, it's really quite difficult to do something world-shatteringly amazing and earn the recognition of the masses. 

So, you can imagine my surprise (and absolute piss-inducing horror) when I was transmigrated to a world that was just about to spread its wings and take off towards the technological revolution...

After I had been accidentally done in by drunk driver.

I had been gifted a system-The Perfectionist System (PS to be short)-that made me do everything to the pinnacle before I could move on to the next segment of my life.

Naturally, now that I had been given a chance to shine, I would take full advantage of this situation...That was...

Right after I finish freaking about how I had just died and literally been transported to another world.

See you in a couple.

(Arc 1's done!)

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Dudddeeee your grammar has a lot of issues, it derails the reader from the story as I have to spend time to adjust my brain to the correct word , wastes my time and decreases my interest, this is a great concept though
Great story so far.  But is it me or is there sometimes a repeat of phrases and unfinished sentences
I really love the concept of this story so far!! Super excited to continue reading
Hi my names ausariah how are you?😊 do you mind or care to vote or comment your thoughts about my published chapter's? I do understand if you aren't interested.
Rerichyo Rerichyo Aug 14
Perfectionist would be something along the lines of
                              كمالي or something
Rerichyo Rerichyo Aug 14
Like is that even a word 
                              And if it is then what was the intended meaning