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Amnesia (A Larry Stylinson Fan Fiction)

Amnesia (A Larry Stylinson Fan Fiction)

1.6M Reads 82.8K Votes 37 Part Story
Sam By onedirection23rd Completed

5 years.

5 long years Harry and Louis have been together.

They both had met in their teen years.

Harry was 17, while Louis was 18.

And now, five years later, and they were still together, Harry now being 22, and Louis being 23.

But, what happens when Louis is in a fatal accident, causing severe head, and brain damage, forgetting most of his life?

Will he remember anything?

Will he remember, Harry?

“You know I love you, right?” Harry asked.

Louis bit his lip, trying to hold hid giggle in, “Forever and always, right?”

“Forever and always.” He nodded.

(Has some 'The Vow' references)

toolittty toolittty Feb 12
harry: bitčh dont even try it. "pops him in the head" u know who df i am. i suck your dick.
                              louis: ... u right..
What would happen is that million of screams and cries will be heard around the world, known as "The Revolution of The Directioners"
Bro I've read this book 5 times and it never gets old❤❤❤
ai mana eu vou comentar tudo em português mesmo que eu sou br bjs
yeah okay but can i beat the ass of whoever crashed into him
ccaarreennxox ccaarreennxox Dec 29, 2016
I'm havnt even started reading the story and now I most felt like crying