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Pregnant and Rejected (Book 1)

Pregnant and Rejected (Book 1)

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Supernatural_baby By Supernatural_baby Completed

Rebekah Longford. She meets her mate at school and ended up going to a party just to meet her mate again, but ended up having sex which may or not have been protected leaving Rebekah pregnant. Getting rejected and finding out you're pregnant leaves you getting nervous and when the news of being pregnant came to Rebekah she ran off to Paris and had a baby girl.
  6 years later she comes back home, everything is normal...apart from her estranged mate. Will she find the heart to forgive him? Or will they have a rollercoaster throughout their lives bringing in, kids, family and past life.....?
  This is Rebekah's story of being Pregnant and Rejected

PierceTheOliSykes PierceTheOliSykes Jun 10, 2016
I don't think it's actually edited............. I spotted a some mistakes you might wanna fix so you don't get heaps of whinny people all the time
Wolfsrule277 Wolfsrule277 Sep 12, 2016
I totally read that as Scout I was like who the hell names their kid Scout 😂
PierceTheOliSykes PierceTheOliSykes Jun 10, 2016
Jamesons Irish whisky............. Jk jk idk I'm tired it's like 6am and I haven't slept yet
Sammyheartsdaworld Sammyheartsdaworld Aug 18, 2016
Idk where all of you live that you go to highschool at twelve but in america we go at 14
fadedforrupp fadedforrupp Jun 25, 2016
Does Anyone else think teenwolf when they say Scott is his beta?
lozfan15 lozfan15 Jun 12, 2016
Almost three years...I think you're going to need more years.