You and I{Sequel to The Return To Hogwarts}

You and I{Sequel to The Return To Hogwarts}

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After Lucius Malfoy kidnaps Ginny, Harry goes looking for her. His friends, who happen to be Ginny's family, tell him to give up after 2 years. But will he give up?  

 Or will he keep searching for the love of his life?  

  And if he finds her, Will she remember him?   

 What will happen?  

  Find out in 'You and I'     

 " 'You don't understand,' I said, glaring at my best friend, 'She was my everything, is my everything, and I will never stop looking for her, never stop trying to get her back.' "

Cover by @Zahrajean

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HarryPotterBeliever HarryPotterBeliever Mar 30, 2017
i love you. u r nice, good job on making a squeal. I WILL READ IT IF ITS THE LAST THING I DOOOOOOO!!!!!
HarryPotterBeliever HarryPotterBeliever Mar 30, 2017
I love ur story so far.                                SO FAR SO GOOD
Cat_L0L1234 Cat_L0L1234 Dec 14, 2016
Sorry to be a buzzkil but...isn't there something that says that you can't apparate inside of Hogwarts?
-PlacidDreams -PlacidDreams Sep 26, 2016
Leave bish no one wants you and Harry to even know of each other's existence
bethtaylor13 bethtaylor13 Jun 28, 2015
i haven't started reading this yet so they might already be in the story but i think it would be really cool if you did some one shots of the 2 years between the stories.
ekcampbell ekcampbell Apr 27, 2014
                              ME LIKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!