Tainted Choices

Tainted Choices

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Lissette E. Manning By Gethsemane95 Updated Aug 07, 2018

All deals have consequences.

Imprisoned and framed for a plot she had no hand in, Eveliana yearns for a freedom that has been denied to her. The days blend one into the other, marring her sense of time. She often wonders if she'll ever get the chance to enact her own brand of justice upon those who have done her wrong.

Though the loneliness consumes her, Eveliana's prayers are soon answered. Rumpelstiltskin wants to give her what she wants, but she has to play by his own rules. Deep inside, she knows her freedom will come with a heavy cost. When the time comes, the dwarf will have his due by any means necessary.

Unwilling to bend to Rumpelstiltskin's demands, Eveliana sets out on a journey the dwarf has forced upon her. Slaying dragons and giving those in need a helping hand are new concepts to her, yet she's determined in learning as much as possible every step of the way.

Every choice she makes is tainted by the darkness that surrounds her. A darkness that grows by the day. Despite this fact, she's determined to survive in the hopes of saving the queen's life, once and for all.