The bad girl and the nerd boy

The bad girl and the nerd boy

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The bad girl and the nerd boy1


Well hello if you haven't heard of jade well you must be dead.
I am the bad girl on the whole state so watch your back.
Well i am bad sorry i mean the definition of bad but i do have my manners .
My Name Jade Jewel Janet i know long and start with the letter J.
But Fuck you i don't care!
And yup you guessed it my childhood life is horrible and still is.
And well people usually think school is hell hole 
But i don't school is heaven i get to not be home and a bonus i can bully anyone i want 
Ha ha sucks for nerds! 

I am actually going to school now 
I put on a white cropped shirt that showed my belly button piercing and my 6 pack.And a blue high wasted short.
I went to my vanity and grabbed my liquid eyeliner i slightly winged it out and for my lips i added red lipstick . I quickly slid on red Vans.
I grabbed my tight leather jacket and put it on. I quickly went to the garage to ride my motorcycle.
Yup my life might seem perfect with a billio...

letitsnow09876 letitsnow09876 Sep 13, 2016
You should make another book that's like this , this is the second time I'm reading this book it's just amazing
It's very hard to stop cutting especially if you have thing very stressful in your life like a death
Spirit_ray Spirit_ray Sep 28, 2015
Damn gurl. I can already tell you won't give a care throughout the story
QuinnHues12345 QuinnHues12345 Apr 21, 2015
okay after that I don't care how "tough" she is, I WANT TO BEAT THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF HER!!!! I'm a nerd, the badass kind.