Don't bring home a white boy (INTERRACIAL)

Don't bring home a white boy (INTERRACIAL)

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ZoeBarbie By zoebarb_ Updated Apr 04

This isn't like other love stories, this has a twist that you guys will soon find out....

Abrianna Brooks is not your normal good girl that lives a perfect life, she had to go to hell and back with problems until she moved to California with her family. 

what happens when abrianna brooks brings home a white boy delinquent 
her loved ones disapprove of? will she be forced out of love or will she break some rules just to be with him.

well you'll need to read to find out...


Bïtch fück you mean yet? There is no yet! Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit we moving in with Tupac in Cuba after everyone believes we dead! Talking about yet HA!
Am I the only one disturbed by the fact that she keeps putting i instead of I????
what how can you hear your neighbour yawn? like unless they're in the room next to you I really doubt you'd hear it
Are they in a town gone or something because there walls are hella thin
I think your only one person so wouldn't that be *mine(sorry pet peeve of mine)
AllyBrooks5 AllyBrooks5 Feb 28
That's the same with me every time people asking if me and my cousin is sister or twin.  She's brown and am dark skin .Am just 16 and she's 13 . How could we be twins ? 😕