Surviving (A Daryl Dixon Love Story)

Surviving (A Daryl Dixon Love Story)

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I_Choose_Death By I_Choose_Death Updated Jun 10, 2017

I pushed you away,

Although I wished you could stay,

So many words left unsaid,

But I'm all out of breath.


Disclaimer: I don't own any of the walking dead characters or the ideas from the show or comics, I only own my own characters and plot lines. ©Copyright 2014

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I’ve read this book three times but never finished so...technically....I’m old and new....yeah ik that was random lol
Bones_The_Crow Bones_The_Crow Jun 20, 2017
0-100 real quick. I hope your ok and your away from that situation now. I've gone through the abuse part before. My mom was hit by my dad when he was on drugs, so I get. If you ever want to talk I'm here girl. 😉😘
cuntrygirl666 cuntrygirl666 Jul 02, 2017
FINALLY! Like most stories sometimes progress way too quickly. I read one that was when Daryl just got back from finding Merle and it skipped like alot to where they were married it was kind of disappointing but I really look forward to reading this!
NearSightedHunter853 NearSightedHunter853 Apr 24, 2016
To tell the truth........ I do too. All of it from experience
Demon_Jesus_ Demon_Jesus_ Jan 05, 2017
You have my attention... *looks around* was that too creepy?
sukistump sukistump Sep 02, 2016
I have such a thing for romance stories where they hate each other at first I'm just liKE YES INSULT HIM DRAG HIM and then I'm like yeS KISS HIM KISS HIM