Naruto Joins The Akatsuki ( Naruto fanfic)

Naruto Joins The Akatsuki ( Naruto fanfic)

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narutofangirl78 By narutofangirl78 Updated May 18, 2014

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    Oh naruto naruto...  This is like the show  when they fight but sauke js stronger and naruto well.. Ya know... But that same day akatsuki members come and ask him to join The Akatsuki! 

    He lives the life as an aktasuki! But what happens?  Will sasuke regreat  ehat he did?  Is naruto stronger? Where is her? But  the most important question is Who Is Naruto Now?......


Mayang-yannie Mayang-yannie Sep 03, 2016
*looks around* who said that? Oh, I think I just heard a LIL BITCH
makaze125 makaze125 Aug 08, 2016
Sounds good to me but the language specifically the spelling is a bit poor
Mayang-yannie Mayang-yannie Sep 03, 2016
Gay ass motherfucker, you had your chance to have him too smfh
LeaTomlinson_12 LeaTomlinson_12 Mar 15, 2016
SasuKe ur so stoooopid omgsasunaru I can't believe u ur such an idiotsasunaru 
                              It's nice to see the tables turned tho :3
mistmoon12 mistmoon12 Apr 08, 2016
I was interested in this kind of change a long time ago, because in Naruto (in the manga) said that he and Sasuke's positions could have been reversed and I always wondered what that could have been like. This is just as good.
Err... well then sasuke you better start going after him if you ever want a chance to get to him or in his pants (hint hint nudge nudge 👉🏽👌🏽