Supernatural Preferences

Supernatural Preferences

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camz By demetriadevonne12 Updated Apr 27, 2014

Hello guys! So I don't know many stories that are about Supernatural, especially preferences ones. So I decided to make one! :) Some of them are from tumblr and the rest I made them myself. I'll try to leave the credits and the link of the tumblr that I took that preference from. I will also update imagines once in a while. Hope you guys enjoy those, carefull with the feels!!

And please, if you made one of these and you don't want them here (but I'll always give you the credits and put the link to your website) just warn me and I'll delete it. No need to make a scene.

 If you want an imagine for yourself, just send your file.



How you look (links):

Your style (links):

Best Friend:

Romantic or not? Fight?

Your skills?

Species (human, demon, angel, demigod...):


Friends or not with the Winchesters:

Who do You Want:

Anything else...?

  • adam
  • angel
  • balthazar
  • castiel
  • crowley
  • dean
  • hunters
  • perferences
  • preferences
  • sam
  • supernatural
  • winchester
Mylifeasdelainey Mylifeasdelainey Nov 24, 2017
Handy with weapons, and pretty badass with fighting. Loves drawing and yea
Mylifeasdelainey Mylifeasdelainey Nov 24, 2017
Tall, brown curly hair (always in pints tail or bun) mid lengthed. Brown eyes. Has a big black rose tattoo going from back down on to arms a little and onto your left thigh a little.
_Trash_Thing_ _Trash_Thing_ Dec 31, 2017
baggy hoodies(usually black or dark purple), skinny black jeans with boots
blackeyedAngel23 blackeyedAngel23 Oct 03, 2017
Sarcasm, archery, sword, and just beating someone if they mess with the people i protect
_Trash_Thing_ _Trash_Thing_ Dec 31, 2017
Being awkward, staring for long periods of times, eating a lot, good human pillow
blackeyedAngel23 blackeyedAngel23 Oct 03, 2017
always in fights with dean and makes the perfect come backs for Luci and Sammy when they get sassy