Something Wicked

Something Wicked

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J. E. Hallows By JEHallows Completed

"Blood will be spilt, and I will not mourn. I have tasted the toxic treasure they drank so greedily, and I have seen what it can do." 

Hearts devoured and maidens locked in towers. Humans more deadly than beasts, and love most foul. 

Something Wicked is a collection of seven popular fairytales retold as you've never seen before. A French revolution Cinderella with the glint of the guillotine; a genderswap Bluebeard featuring seductress Lucrezia Borgia; a Rapunzel with an unstable conscience - just some of the grim tales you'll encounter. 

Both experimental yet familiar, these fairytales explore classic fables with more than a hint of humanity's darker desires. 

There are no heroes here.

**Winner of the Hidden Gems Awards 2019 Short Story category**

**1st Place winner of the Flavored Awards Short Story category 2019**

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