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acciomyfandoms By acciomyfandoms Updated Jul 12, 2014

Percy and annabeth are unbreakable. Percy wants to strengthen (if that's possible) by asking annabeth to marry him. Will she say yes? Will there be kids in there future?? Can their life finally be normal??  Also what's going on with jiper? As well as frazel? Will Leo and nico get girls of their own? Your just going to have to read at find out

Koletoy Koletoy Feb 19
Nothing wrong here, just wanted to say that if you say no, you say na. Not me.
mendesarmy44 mendesarmy44 Aug 17, 2016
hera doesn't have any kids cause she hates demigods and only cares about her perfect family
accio-marauders accio-marauders Jul 13, 2016
Guys y'all need to chill with the spell correct
                              Its human and no one's perfect you know what she means
Um...Hera doesn't have kids, she stays 'true' to her husband because she's the goddess of Marriage..
Limpet7 Limpet7 Sep 25, 2016
spelling is appalling. but, still a great story. I like it!.
                               but why is there a Hera table? she has no demigod children!
FanficLover2122 FanficLover2122 Oct 07, 2016
Hera is the goddess of marriage, therefore she wouldn't cheat on Zeus so she doesn't have children.