The Life Of A Teen

The Life Of A Teen

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pipix101 By pipix101 Updated Sep 26, 2012

Erin is just a girl. She goes to high school, has a best friend, and spends her time talking about boys and movies. To say that she was wildly popular or unpopular would be a total lie - Erin is just your average girl. 

This is the story of how her life manages to suddenly intertwine with the people around her: the high school queen, the jock, and the average joe. 

This, put quite simply, is the life of a teen.

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pipix101 pipix101 Sep 22, 2012
@SpeakingTruth That is a bit of a coincidence! :P I absolutly adore that name, you're lucky! And i hoped you enjoyed it :)
SpeakingTruth SpeakingTruth Sep 22, 2012
@pipix101 I cant believe I have found this book! My name is also Erin-creepy huh, especially since the character and I have both long brown hair, 5 ft tall, size 8, only difference is our age and eye color but still! This was usefulness information but I'm quite RaNdOm...
pipix101 pipix101 Sep 16, 2012
@SJMBrown ha i think that was a bit of angst coming out in that line! :P thanks for reading and adding it :) i can't promise that you'll love it all the way but i can only do my best :)
NewBornChild NewBornChild Sep 16, 2012
Ok. Well you have good descriptions :) I get to know your character which is good too. Just try to make this a little more exciting! Try to let it with a cliffhanger, make the reader wondering! :D
Pink_Star Pink_Star May 06, 2010
Your story sounds great so far. Really excited to see what will happen to Erin! Great start to what will hopefully be a great novel!
pipix101 pipix101 Nov 26, 2009
@hannaXD: hey, thanks for the comments! :D yeh, i only just noticed that name thing just now tbh :L i dont proof read, this is pretty much my first draft, so yeh, im just gunna go through and make sure the names are right :) xx