Dancing King

Dancing King

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Every weekend for years on end, Junmyeon has sneeked out of his house intent on doing one thing. Watching the underground street dancers in the abandoned subway tunnel near his house. His favorite is by far Lay, who demonstrates power and flexibility he only wishes he possessed. Lay and Kai are by far the best there as well (though his own personal bias may get in the way since Kai is his second favorite). The only thing he knows about the mysterious Lay is he's a student at the school Junmyeon attends, as Lay keeps his identiy a secret under his masks and hats.

Zhang Yixing is known at school at the quiet kid who sits in the back who'd rather read or study than talk to his classmates. He very rarely talks anyway. But he also has a secret that only a few other kids in his school knows. He is the infamous Lay, who's dancing prowess is the talk of the school after every weekend performance. He, along with Kim Jongin, who transforms into the sensual and powerful Kai, reign supreme on their underground dance team. But Yixing would rather hide that part of himself from the common passerby, as he rather likes having everyone keep their distance. But of course he notices the kid who comes to watch every weekend who always seems mesmerized by his every move.


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