Sold to a gang leader

Sold to a gang leader

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Living with her evil aunt and uncle, Miya has always felt alone. Haunted by her family's words and painful torment, she would rather live anywhere but there. Then her family's money drops low, and can't afford to keep Miya. So instead of kicking her out of the house, they sell her to the toughest, coldest, and the meanest person on the planet, Luca. Forced to move into his house and do whatever he says, she's more miserable than before. Seeing how the world truly is behind closed doors, she's determined to help as many people as she possibly can. But will Luca stand in her way? Or will it be love that pushes her over the edge? 

The love story between a broken, lost girl, and a cold hearted man. Can such things ever happen?

"I'm going to help them! I am!" I yelled in his face.

He gritted his teeth and then yelled back. "Miya! You can't save everybody!"

I froze, and gave him a stone cold stare. "No, but I will help and protect the ones I can."

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Zwergenschreck Zwergenschreck Oct 13, 2018
It's really bad: 
                              By the line aunt and uncle I thought of Harry Potter. KILL ME