A Complete Story

A Complete Story

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What happens when an author dies before the last book?

Unfortunately for the multi-generational Finn Gunn fandom, they are about to discover what happens now author of Finn Gunn is dead. Left with a hugely unsatisfactory ending from the previous book, lovers of this teen mystery series are somewhat stuck. Everything-- from the cliffhanger ending to the characters themselves was setting up for the finale book-- yet the only thing to conclude is the author herself.

What are such fans to do? The only thing that could possibly fill such a void is fanfiction.

Enter nine brave fanfiction authors up to the task of completing Finn Gunn.  Their goals are noble, but the problem is no one is sure how the author intended to end Finn Gunn. Try as they might these fans just can't seem to find a satisfactory ending. 

So come, read their short, independent yet intertwining tales and enter the world of Finn Gunn and his fanfiction. 

Updates Mondays and Thursdays.

*warning: A minor character commits suicide.*

**All stories are parodies of fanfiction/new writers**