My mate. My brothers bestfriend.

My mate. My brothers bestfriend.

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Meet Gray.

Just turned 18. She got her wolf. She has grown always wanting a mate and the stories that are told about mates. She has always loved her Mum and Dads mating bond. 

He parents were taken away from her and her older brother Damon. They were a Rouge attack that killed alot of poeple in her pack. However, it took her parents as well. 

When Gray gets her wolf and has her ceromey she finds her mate. He isnt what she wanted. She has thoughts of rejecting him but then remembers the stories that her Mum use to tell when her mother anf father first met. 

Does she put the pranks and torment aside to let it bloom? Or is she going to throw it all away at the thought of loosing him or being taken away her self.





Yep. Cool. Enjoy

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I'm confused i thought the brother is suppose to be the alpha and someone else the beta
It would be better is she kept her rare Wild a secret and nobody watched her shift cow that's just creepy😒
keri72 keri72 Jun 15
She's is not supposed to tell everyone about her wolf and her abilities.
This is so cringy that I starting smacking my face with a pillow😑😑
If you could gaze into the future...(that's so raveeeeen)....... sorry I had to
I think we need an international conference on the uses of 'your' and 'you're'. Just saying...