Who knew that a silly school assignment could change a girls life? On Claire Carson's last day of Senior year, she is assigned a random address and is told to write a letter to this stranger. Spending the Summer in London, and being so close to her newly found crush, how will Claire handle the news that her special someone ends up being a big someone? From One Direction. Did someone say Liam Payne? 
    This story contains Love, Friendship, Truth, Comedy, Heartbreak and Family
this is the second time i'm reading this cos its such a great book
This is such a nice chapter love <3 the story is really unique!
I don't mean to be rude if this does come across as rude but Emgland isn't a city it's a region. I love this though it's my third time reading, but I just realised that you made that litte mistake .xx
I just noticed that I live right near College of Dupage haha
@gsggaitan5 haaayyyyy that's what i was gonnna say,soo
                                    coolio to @Bullsbabe1
:) can you do a louis and niall one too love? thank you. :)