Love-Hate Relationships Suck

Love-Hate Relationships Suck

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Claire By ClaireeCruzz Updated Mar 03, 2011

Jude, Hayden, Mac, Blue, and Alabama (Bam) have always been best friends, she's been there when they needed girl help and car troubles, they've been there to hold her back from most fights and help with attracting guys (though, Blue, her brother doesn't like that...). The thing is, her and Jude have always been...frienemies, always held a delicate love-hate feeling for each other.

Until Jude takes things to the next level and wages war on Bam. The only thing left for her to do is...fight back, and, guess what, that's her favorite thing to do.

Too bad it's extremely hard to annihilate the one person who's always been there for you.

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