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Little Red Riding Hood (Werewolf Romance)

Little Red Riding Hood (Werewolf Romance)

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Kristine By VampireRoses1223 Updated Feb 15, 2015

"I decided that I'm going to keep you. There isn't going to be a single place you can run or hide, especially from me. You can never run from me because your MINE. I own you now, so when I say bend over, you better already be naked." He said smirking.    Robin is a 18 year old girl that usually visits her elderly grandmother deep inside the woods to bring her baked goods and gifts and keep her company while she still can. Her life isn't that great, so her grandmother is the only person she can actually talk to and not get slapped. So every day she walks through the dark woods, with moving shadows and scary noises, but what she doesn't know is that she is not alone when she walks through the woods.    Shadow on the other hand, is a perverted, dominant and possessive werewolf. He is cocky and sleeps around his pack. There isn't a single female werewolf Shadow hasn't slept, mated or not. But suddenly a new scent catches his nose, and he follows it, and finds a blonde haired girl with blue eyes walking through the woods, alone! It's like she WANTS to be raped! Suddenly curious and interested, Shadow is bent on making this strange yet attractive girl his. Not as his lover, not as his mate, but as his toy.

People take things too seriously sometimes, it's just a book....
Me when my dad wakes me up in the morning by opening the curtains and bringing wretched daylight into my pitch black room
She the only Arian... sorry that just came to my mind at "blonde hair, blue eyes"
elephant628 elephant628 May 26, 2016
I understand how you feel i have thick black hair with dark brown highlights and light chocolate brown eyes and i think im the only italian girl who looks the same but everyone at school always compliments me and how they love my accent its honestly gets annoying im only 13
VANITYstarrSIXX VANITYstarrSIXX Oct 04, 2015
Her mother says get out of my sight.... Her mother is theb  the one who leave .... I don't think she understood what she said
queenEli7734 queenEli7734 Jul 19, 2015
Sigh. People say things like this to me, like " I love your eyes(blue)", " I love your hair" 
                              Sigh. It's kinda hard to tell if people are just saying that or not.