Black hearts meet Red

Black hearts meet Red

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I walked down the dark hallway, my eyes scanning the rooms on my way.The door was slightly ajar as I reached the end of the hallway, my hands pushing the door open as I stepped in.Her sorrowful sobs reached my ears as I stared at her little form huddled in the corner of the dark room.Moonlight from the large window fell on her body as she continued to sob sitting on the floor.

My stomach twisted in a bad way seeing her like this.A pain seared at the bottom of my heart as she hiccuped making me move towards her.I sat on the floor near her silently, not saying a word.She noticed my appearance as she stiffened for a fraction of second.Her cries had stifled as we sat in the dark with moonlight showering over us.

"He had broken me into so many piece that it will take a life time to collect all.He ripped me apart from my soul, from my self respect making me crumble to the ground like ash.."Her hoarse yet soft voice resonated around the room making me turn my eyes to her beautiful face.

"I have nothing left of myself.Nothing."She sounded defeated.But I didn't like hearing those words from her.It killed me to listen the bitter words she swallowed each time she spoke.


She unintentionally stumbles in his life, stealing every fiber of his body.He wishes to make her his but destiny has other plans.
As they smiled at each other little did they know that after this they were not going to smile again.It's a story not just about two broken people but with of a girl and boy who's hearts had turned Black.Striving to hold on to living and trying to move on with life will they be able to meet their Red again or will they fall apart along with time.

A Romantic spiritual love story that will melt your heart, so get ready to read a tale maybe you've never heard before because it's not a story whispered at nights .. <3