Freedom of more than just androids ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)   || Hank x Connor||

Freedom of more than just androids ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°) || Hank x Connor||

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Jeez-its By Jeez-its Updated Jan 29, 2019

After the revolution, things aren't as peaceful as you would think. The freedom of androids also brings on the freedom of issues. 

A new virus, about as random as deviancy was thought to be, breaks out. 
First it's just a few androids, simple errors, bloody noses, etc. Nothing to be too concerned about.
Then what's left of Jericho is full of shut down androids of all models. 

Elijah tries to help create a cure, and monitors Ralph who had been brought in for investigation on a murder case, and shut down during the interrogation. 

Connor begins to have some simple errors, that are slowly turning into more than just that. 

Simon just wants to go home, relax, and forget watching his friends slowly wither away into a pile of scrap. 
Markus is being a bitch though, I mean what?? And wants to stay at the new location of Jericho. 

"This isn't just some glitch, or a break in the firewall that drives us insane.... its extinction. A plague. We can either accept that, or fight it."

Oh yeah, also Hank is there still trying to deny his gay thoughts the satisfaction... let's see how long that lasts OH BOY!