Laughing In The Face Of Destiny {On Hold}

Laughing In The Face Of Destiny {On Hold}

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ElizaLee By ElizaLee Updated Mar 08, 2011

“I was destined to be with you.”

Those words shook the core of former wild child Isabelle. Never did she imagine at her age she'd be proposed to. Nor actually accept. Confronted with her elated parents and a beautiful white dress, she finds herself unable to go through with it and runs out of her own wedding. Now alone waiting for the train to anywhere, she begins to reflect on all that's gone wrong in her life...

Cue in Thomas, he's a lone traveler and prefers it that way. Alone since his teens, he does not like socialising with people or even being near them. When he is forced to take Isabelle with him, never would he have thought he could befriend this girl. When their secrets catch up with them, will they be able to settle things once and for all?

  • death
  • friends
  • jilting
  • leaving
  • life
  • new
  • question
  • stranger
  • wedding
ElizaLee ElizaLee Mar 18, 2011
@emmyeatsbooks315 Thank you! I'll check my tenses. Also the third first thing was only because I started writing in 1st but then stopped fooling myself and wrote in third, I thought I'd gotten rid of all the first.
                              Ah well.
                              Thanks again!
emmyeatsbooks315 emmyeatsbooks315 Mar 18, 2011
ok second page review: watch your tenses(past, present) Other wise you use beautiful imagery 
Sunshinebby Sunshinebby Mar 06, 2011
Excellent opening! You caught me! Lol. And I loved how you went with your plot (did that make sense?). Soooooo much potential! I'm excited for this story! Vote.
ItsSima ItsSima Mar 05, 2011
it's a great start, not cliche - which is a huge bonus. keep it going :D
X-9500 X-9500 Mar 05, 2011
I think its good. Might want to make some splits into smaller paragraphs so it can be less confusing.