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"Beauty comes in many unexpected forms but not everyone can see it." - Great Aunty Peggy.

Emily dreams of designing and installing eye-catching displays for department store windows. Not only is it an unusual career choice, it is extremely hazardous for someone like her who was born with a rare disorder which causes her to cut, bruise and dislocate with ease, making the simplest of tasks dangerous. She has no name for her curse and desperately wishes she was normal. Getting badly hurt is a fear that follows her around like a devilish shadow. Equally taunting, is her fear of being judged by others should they discover her "freaky" condition.
When she moves to the city to pursue her dream, she faces many challenges. Her new job is a flop, she has nowhere to live and no friends, aside from her great Aunt who has too many cats; one twitch and Emily could be torn to pieces in her sleep. 
When Emily discovers that her jar of fairy wishes are actually thistle seeds she realises that not all dreams and wishes come true, or at least not in the way that you expect.
Thistle Wish is a heartwarming story that'll make you laugh, bring tears to your eyes and hopefully make you see your world in a new light. 

What happens to Emily after she moves out of her aunt's house?
A. A fairy throws a cake box at her.
B. She dances with a vertically-challenged Oompa-Loompa.
C. She slays a rainbow in her bedroom.
D. All of the above.....and more.

Awards: 2nd place/ general fiction: "1st Biannual New Beginnings Writer's Awards"
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