The Forgotten Ones

The Forgotten Ones

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Rebecca Brewer Taylor By LRBrewer Updated Sep 03, 2018

Cover by @ohrosely

In the dusty corridors at the bottom of the planet of Chloris, far underneath the general population there are the old Space Docks. Decommissioned almost 200 years ago, the area is not meant to be inhabited. It is meant to be in darkness and silence, but a group of veterans and no hopers have developed a community. 

In a time of struggle, chinks of hope arise out of the darkness. Electricity flows intermittedly through old wiring cobbled and mended together by ex military technicians, and water flows through disused pipes. Nothing is certain and everything is in flux. 

It is a time of intergalactic war, where people are seen as disposable, and therefore worthless. Several residents of the Space Docks District are bucking this perception slowly but surely, and although crime is rife, so is goodness and the future may not be as black as it should be.