The Final Bride of Dracula

The Final Bride of Dracula

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She began with a hiss. "That worthless creature is my friend. If you lay a hand on him again. I will kill you. "

"You will, how?" He seethed. 

 She poked her finger on his chest. "I will drive a stake, straight through your nonexistent heart."  
 She paused. "I will keep driving it through until it reaches the other side. I will watch what ever life you have fade."

Kidnapped and stuck inside the castle of Dracula, Alandra grows close to another vampire. Dracula cannot stand the fact of any completion, he stomps the flame before it can ignite. Alandra loathes the very thought of Vlad and wishes to have nothing to do with him. Will her mind change? 
Or will she only see the cruel exterior?

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CynderFyre CynderFyre Aug 30, 2017
Fun fact: In some stories vampires are the result of werewolves dying. The dead werewolf becomes a vampire.  Since I found out about this I've been assuming that Dracula was once a werewolf, because he (I think) has hairy palms in Bram Stoker's book (though I could be remembering wrong). 
curylhaired_bohemian curylhaired_bohemian Mar 18, 2016
You switched pov from 3rd to first... Just wanted to let you know
ilovewolfs1234 ilovewolfs1234 Apr 27, 2014
@CaptainSarcastic101 they are a lot smarter than humans so.... and they are mythological so.... you know anything is possible
CaptainSarcastic101 CaptainSarcastic101 Apr 26, 2014
You weren't kidding when u said ur writings got much better! Well done! I like it. XD Didn't know vampires had traquilizers back then thou...