The Bromance Scheme    (boyxboy)

The Bromance Scheme (boyxboy)

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I took a deep breath, it was my turn and I was already feeling uneasy about this game. I sat there waiting to hear my 'death sentence'.

"Justin I dare you to kiss Jason," Hannah said grinning. I went numb those six words echoed in my ears I froze. If I don't then they would know that the scheme we had for so long was fake and if I do I know it would change our friendship forever.

"Well go ahead we all know about the budding 'bromance' or romance shall I say between you two, we just want to see it ourselves," she continued that made no sense to me I wanted to curse her but it was as if my lips were stapled together. I looked around at everyone in the small circle the girls were grinning and blushing , the boys were smirking then I looked at Jason he had the same facial expression.

I finally snapped back to reality when I realize she was pushing me towards him.... I took a deep breath and leaned forward....

This is happening because of our little scheme and I guess our sins caught up with us now we have to face them.... I know this will change everything forever....

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AiraHeiwahima AiraHeiwahima Jul 04, 2017
If I got a dime for every time a guy in a gay book said he's straight, I would be rich. 😂
sociallyfailing sociallyfailing Sep 19, 2017
This is weird my uncles' names are Jason and Justin and they're twins
darling4badboys darling4badboys Aug 09, 2017
This is the first summer that I've started to embrace my... scars. Idc anymore and I don't cover them up at all.
Hayden0416 Hayden0416 a day ago
Is that really such a bad thing tho? I’m not seeing the negatives here 🤔
SofiaJalloh SofiaJalloh Jul 22, 2017
Wait does that work, and with guys to i have a friend......😂😂
Hayden0416 Hayden0416 a day ago
Have you maybe thought of the reason girls are starting to bore the two of you? Maybe it’s because you don’t like girls anymore? 👀