WAR ➳ nalu vs. graylu

WAR ➳ nalu vs. graylu

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When Lucy Heartfilia, a confident Celestial Wizard, is completely dumped from her beloved 'Team Natsu' and replaced by Lisanna, Natsu's first love, her mindset changes completely.
Being on the 'rebound', Lucy finds a deep feeling for her comrade, Gray Fullbuster and the feeling is immediately returned by the Ice-Make Wizard. 
Lucy goes through various events that make her question her decisions and her relationships. 
Meanwhile, Natsu is with his beloved Lisanna, finally back with her after many years. But he comes to realize after seeing both Gray and Lucy together - does he really love Lisanna?

✔ this book contains violent and mature themes, viewer discretion advised.
✔ if you do not like the book and it's story, do not read. any hate comments found will be deleted and muted. 
✔ DISCLAIMER: i do not own any of the Fairy Tail characters. all the credit for the names, the personality characteristics go to Hiro Mashima (creator of Fairy Tail).
✔ cover by; @littletragedy

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                              LOKE da school girl waiting for his Senpai to notice him!
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I really like that like that was new he holds her hand blushes and then let's go 😊💝
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Seriously people, he's not some fish...stop saying he's salmon 😂
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Idk why but im already squealing and fangirling over this book on chapter 1
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                              Natsu:STOP LAUGHING SHE ONLY MADE ONE MISTAKE!!!!!!
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