Studio Love ➵ Michael Jackson ➵ Fanfiction

Studio Love ➵ Michael Jackson ➵ Fanfiction

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//: Feat. Michael Jackson & Mariah Carey

27 year old pop star Mariah Rein always loved Michael Jackson's music. He was her idol throughout her whole life. When her manager gives her and offer she just can't refuse, she goes to the studio and finds more than just recording a duet with her Idol. Will Michael and Mariah both find love along the way? How will both Mariah and Michael be able to control their feelings when his fiancé Lisa Marie Presley starts to get involved? Read to find out!

lestwins_moonwalker1 lestwins_moonwalker1 Nov 28, 2016
Well mike you can come over my house for some cuddling if you want 😌😉
AwkwardSchoolPhoto AwkwardSchoolPhoto Dec 27, 2016
How does one smile while sipping a cup? I tried,  it didn't work...
MajorieLA MajorieLA Jul 17, 2014
Wow this looks so exciting! AHHHH *Slaps head repeatedly* How long ago did you put this up? Wait don't answer that. I'm so mad I'm just now reading this. I could hurt myself for not reading this!!! :) Well... Here we go I am about to read it!!!!!! :)