The Next Life - Part 1

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Benji Radtke By BenjiRadtke Updated 3 years ago
The world is moving on.  Will humanity move on with it, or will the planet decide it's had enough of us.  One man is going to find out if survival is still a possibility, or like many before us, that our species has run it's course.
Hi there! I have to say that I really enjoy your writing style. It keeps the writer wanting to see what happens next. I try to do that at it the end of my chapters as well. I look forward to reading more.
I'm not in to these kind of stories but I actually like how it's starting off. I also love how you ended with a climax!
I absolutely love the way you build up the tension before the attack of the bear, very will written and i only wish this chapter was longer. You story has got my attention and is going on the reading list :D
Yay for a more mature writer! This isn't really my type of story, to be honest, but you're an incredibly talented writer who pays close attention to details. Keep writing!
Oh this is interesting - I don't often see more mature characters on Wattpad, so it definitely adds a spin to things.  Plus, your 'monsters' are awesome.  Werebear has to be like my favorite new word, ever.
I like it a lot so far. It's nicely written with few mistakes. It's more maturely written than most of the "omg guess who just kissed me!" books on this site. If anything, I'd work on your first paragraph a little bit. The way it's worded is a bit confusing.