Shackles of a Demon

Shackles of a Demon

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RainbowXCondoms By RainbowXCondoms Updated Mar 03, 2011

I’m Zakaru. I live in a 10x10 cell in the basement of a demon collector. He uses my body for personal pleasure, calls me a monster, and tears my existence apart. I’m so tired. I wish i knew what love was. I wish i had freedom...

I’m Raphael. My father was diagnosed with Schizophrenia 4 years ago and my mother began treating me like i was expendable, like him. She beat me, tortured me, and ruined the happiness i once thought i had. I wanted to run away, and escape. And i did. Only to be picked up by a person that keeps demons locked up for his own game. He threw me into a cell with a Demon.

Zakaru and Raphael are two different species. Two different people, with two different lives and the same problem that ends them both up in a prison cell with three other demons. With their combined efforts they escape, but the outside world isn't as glamorous as they thought it was. After a love formed between Raphael and Zakaru during confinement, they face the world. 

Together Zakaru and Raphael face what fate has thrown at them, only to be torn apart by destiny...

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chlooepm chlooepm Jul 06, 2011
AWW! Poor Maria! she had to die D:
                              This is a good book. Scary a bit, but i love it
Chiroptera Chiroptera Mar 03, 2011
Poor Zakaru. If he's made it this long he has to be one heckuva strong demon. <3