My Sweet Kitten (BDSM)

My Sweet Kitten (BDSM)

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KatlinH_ By KatlinH_ Updated May 23

Katlin has a secret crush on her teacher. Does he feel the same way about her? Who else knows about her kinky thoughts beside herself??

This is my first BDSM and my first book ever writing, so please do comment if I make mistakes, I can take it. 

Any who, Til then my Kittens >^-^<

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I refuse to read this if she did actually say that out loud *goes back and continues reading with one eye peeking at the words*
- - Feb 15, 2016
love this! x im so happy that i found an author who freely uses the words c0ck and pUssy. finally. 
                              i just started my account and also write strong romance books, so if you would like to give my short stories a go, id really appreciate it :) i take requests. x
AmieRainbowww AmieRainbowww Mar 12, 2016
great so far. wish the chapter would've been longer but other than that its great. p.s. i hate to admit it but i know how she feels. i've had crushes on 2 of my teachers before. *blushes*
Jack-Hack101 Jack-Hack101 Nov 20, 2015
Once I fell asleep in class and when I opened my eyes after like, a minute my history teacher was right in my face and I literally flipped.
kitkat1262 kitkat1262 Oct 07, 2015
This is why I don't sleep in class; teachers today aren't like they were before #sexyfucks
NatashaTermaat NatashaTermaat Jan 17, 2015
no suggestion tht I can think of your doing a great job so far