Just Forget The World (Larry Stylinson Mpreg AU)

Just Forget The World (Larry Stylinson Mpreg AU)

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Jen 👩🏽‍💻 By _SweetDisposition_ Completed

Louis is the last person on earth who can get pregnant after the birthrates decreased then completely stopped twenty years before and in search for someone with good genetics and a family tree Harry is chosen to mate with him. 

This will be a short story of only nine chapters.

Warnings: This is a boyxboy story, don't like then don't read. Hateful comments will be deleted and you will be blocked.
mpreg, Bottom!Louis, Top!Harry, Pregnant!Louis, Dub-con, Smut, Anal sex, Anal fingering. Natural birth (Not Explicit), Breastfeeding (Not explicit), Dystopian universe.

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Nevoir Nevoir Jul 30, 2016
His sperm is so super that he could just breath and it'd make you pregnant so no worries bby
krxsgd krxsgd Jul 06, 2016
They should play naked twister ... But I call shots on the spinner ...........
krxsgd krxsgd Jul 06, 2016
Sorry to kill the mood but HOW IS THIS NOT AWKWARD TO DO OMG
IdMarryYouLarry IdMarryYouLarry Mar 07, 2015
Lmao...i can feel the awkwardness. I cnt imagine being in this position. Id probably die.