Songweaver's Awakening

Songweaver's Awakening

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Andrea Stewart By AndreaGStewart Completed

In Hajinn, singing isn't just forbidden: it's well known that it drives people mad.  When Rajheem, a boy who loves music above all else, is plucked from his lowly existence to become the personal minstrel to Raja Helen, Third Seat of Hajinn, he is overwhelmingly grateful.  As a foreigner, she holds none of the Hajinni superstitions toward music.

What Rajheem initially considers a stroke of luck begins to seem like part of a frightening plan. There are Fair Folk in Helen's palace, creatures who walk the line between the world of the living and the world of the dead.  They steal children away from their homes in the night, never to be seen again.  As the people of Hajinn grow increasingly uneasy with their ruler’s inability to rid them of this infestation, a rumor begins that the Fair Folk were sent from the country to the east.

At the same time, Rajheem realizes his singing talents go far beyond the power to create music.  He can freeze people in their tracks, invoke fear in the hearts of his enemies, and even bend the fabric of reality itself.  This gift embroils Rajheem in Helen's plot to usurp rule of Hajinn. As Rajheem struggles to control his newfound abilities and discover the reason his people abhor music, Helen orchestrates her plans to veer Hajinn toward war with a country it has been at peace with for hundreds of years.

  • army
  • coup
  • desert
  • epic
  • fantasy
  • gods
  • magic
  • music
  • politics
  • song
  • swordfighting
  • swordplay
  • war
Eastern_Epic Eastern_Epic Aug 06, 2016
Fav line so far. Adds so much to the music than just descriptive sounds. I might be wrong but i think the last line, with the boy and the alleyway, was a close feeling to Rajheem..
FurryGirlSylvy FurryGirlSylvy Oct 29, 2015
Probably just still thinking about the creature or just doesn't like his neighbors at that moment.
FurryGirlSylvy FurryGirlSylvy Oct 29, 2015
Nice simile. Great description. I can clearly see his heart thumping rapidly.
Aninsane Aninsane Sep 11, 2015
great story opening. I wish I can write amazing things like this
FaithAlexandra2 FaithAlexandra2 Aug 23, 2015
Really loving this writing style :) everything flows so well, and there are no grammar mistakes. I love the imagery- makes it really easy to picture what's happening :) great job :D
JJAveris JJAveris Aug 03, 2015
This might sound kinda dumb but I love the way that this paragraph flows. It feels rhythmic and just fun to read