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Marked As His

Marked As His

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itsmaigerrr By itsmaigerrr Completed

"Call me that again." he challenged.  I took it, "you're a weak, stupid, Alpha." I whispered with a smirked.  His massive hands placed themselves onto my hips and he turned me around, thrusting my body into the wall.   "Let go, you monster!" I said while tugging at his hair.  He let go of me, but then quickly grabbed at my hands, pinning them up above my head, while leaning into my lips acting as though he were going to kiss me.   "Now I'm a monster?" he said with a playful grunt- "I'm just glad I'm your monster," and he released me." When Claire is banned from her pack, she wanders out into the wilderness all by herself and stumbles upon one of the most feared packs in the forest. She meets the strong, evil and terrifying Alpha Dale, but soon discovers that he's not all that he seems to be. Climb along on this wonderful story filled with fear, love, suspense and mystery and find out what happens to Claire on her dangerous journey.

jesslewis24 jesslewis24 Aug 20, 2016
I feel like if I was a werewolf, I would shift late. Just judging by puberty😅😂😂
Farah_Bananabee Farah_Bananabee Nov 28, 2016
Thank god it's not called blood moon pack.. not that I have a problem with it, is just that I prefer...unique pack names. .
chi_Xx chi_Xx Jan 21
I know right... or even blue crescent pack, very common packs. 😩
WolfeToodle WolfeToodle Aug 28, 2016
I would've punched the tree and then started whining jumping up and down yelling OOWOWOW
itsmaigerrr itsmaigerrr Jun 18, 2015
awe thanks!!!! they have important definitions in the Greek or roman language I can't remember exactly. but thanks!
lilabby_ lilabby_ Jun 17, 2015
Thank the lord that there are some ORIGINAL pack names. Im so tired of seeing The DarkMoon or Midnight pack. You go Author!