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The true meaning of love

The true meaning of love

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Sophie Taylor By SophieTaylor Updated Mar 02, 2011

what do you think of love? it all is just a game to gabby. she has never loved anyone and no one has ever loved her. how is she ment to know what it is? when her dad gets drunk he beats her. she doesnt tell anyone. why would she? all her friends heave left the small town. everyoen left. now there are a whole load of people she doesnt know and a boy who seems to stalk her. she descovers new feelings and with them come a great sacrafice. she starts to see her teacher as something more and she sees him as not a friend not an accuaintment but something much more. what can she do with two men on her train? how is she ment to know who to choose? how is she ment to know she is living in a blind world? how does she know there are immortal things or should i say creatures? well she doesnt. and she is just begging to find out. she is a magnet for trouble some would say or a beautiful scent of a flower that drags men in. well she is just a human.

A5HL3IGH A5HL3IGH Mar 27, 2011
This books pretty cool u just use WAY too many full stops.
                              Other than that its good and u should keep writing
SophieTaylor SophieTaylor Mar 04, 2011
sorry pplz i wont be able to upload all weekend so you guys will need to wait all weekend for the next part. bye!
SophieTaylor SophieTaylor Mar 03, 2011
@HorseBreeder lol i bet it is nonsense. if u have any ideas for the story i would love to hear them!
Sierra256715 Sierra256715 Mar 03, 2011
lol hi
                              good story
                              mine is random,pass see it,its poetry/forbodding/nonsense!
                              Its called A complete pile of nonsense!