The Dangerous King and His Queen

The Dangerous King and His Queen

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Book Two of The Dangerous Series 
"Why are you doing this?!" Luna thrashed around in the chair she was tied to, looking for anything she could use to her advantage.

"Because I loved you! And if I can't have you, NOBODY CAN!" Kaiden answered, venom laced in his voice.

Luna's evil smile appeared across her beautiful face, "you really think you'll get away with this? Are you delusional, or just that fucking stupid?" She spat back at him. "I'm the fucking Queen of the Mafia! Dante will hunt you down and rip you to shreds until you beg him to have mercy on your pathetic soul..." Luna's words were cold as ice, "and only then, will he laugh in your face at your pleas as he rips out your heart from your chest." 

"ENOUGH!" Kaiden screams, flustered and annoyed, "I'll give you one last chance to change your mind, marry me. I'll give you everything you could ever ask for." 

Luna's fearless face stays intact as she answers, "you already gave me everything I could ever ask for, you introduced me to Dante." 

With that Kaiden backhands her, causing her to spit out blood. She looks at him straight in his eyes, "go to hell." 

And with that, Kaiden pulls the trigger.