Run away Little Darling (Full Book Is Under Dreame)

Run away Little Darling (Full Book Is Under Dreame)

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Bai Ling,a beauty in the 21st century crowded by life's graces to the point that she was bored with life. Until one day her relaxing bubble bath made her feel to relax until she slept and drown in the puffy soapy tub. 

The daughter of the goddess of spring suddenly went missing and the heaven's was in chaos. While in an unknown place Bai Ling woke up all sore like she went on a crazy marathon. Beside her is an unknown man and they were both naked as a wee babies which means the deed was done. Escaping was her only option. And as she expected she was pregnant.

"Mama," a childish voice called while hugging her knees.
"Aye child where have you been," touching his head a little horn poke her.  'Horn! What kind of specie is your damnable father! Did a goat eat my tofu!'
"Little darling," a timbre of his voice made her quiver in anger and fear.
"Little one we must flee!!"

Warning: Amateur writer here please do pinpoint any corrections if ever you find some grammatical errors,wrong spelling and others.
Please do enjoy...
This novel is made out of boredom...

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