Sincerely Me (A Jeff the Killer Story)

Sincerely Me (A Jeff the Killer Story)

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Brittney Martinez By XxsilverlollipopXD Updated Sep 27

  I look down at the grave stone. It was a simple one, polished marble with a name, date of birth and death date. Off to the side is a short song. I sink to the ground in front of her grave.
  "Hey," I begin awkwardly. I've never visited or spoke to a dead person. "It's me. Jeff. I don't really know why I decided to visit. It just felt like something I needed to do.
  "Uhm, I just . . . Wanted to say thank you. For your amazing daughter. You know, I only met you once but you never said anything bad about me or told Jamie she should leave me. You always convinced her to give me another chance. I never realized how much I actually owe to you. But, it's too late now. The only thing I can do now is keep my promise. I'll take good care of Jamie. I love her. She means everything to me.
  "Thank you." 
  With that, I get up and leave.


Thank you @horrorscope- for the simply phenomenal cover!

.......I don't sleep,I really only get like 2 hours of sleep and that is all
Holdup you just gonna wake me up to tell me to Go to sleep I be right here with my knife in my hand
I am sitting on my Ben staring at my Jeff picture in a frame staring my at me
Ha. It's almost poetic. You are a great poet I hope you know. By the way,I hope you know you are not helping with the dreaded paranoia I experience every night.
She okay? Yah, she okay, I guess... Good, good, I'm glad c':
...then suddenly,one of my weirdest dreams popped in my that dream,there's a part of it that a coffin lies under my bed...and then when I tried to see it again,it vanished...then I found myself inside that coffin...O-O my god...