Beauty Stole The Beast

Beauty Stole The Beast

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What's your favorite dinner food? By bangstan_sonyeondan Updated Jan 06

"Where are you taking me," Yoongi asked nervously.

"Where you belong, with me."


   • A story in which BTS is in Beauty and the Beast because why tf not?
   • Literally angst and fluff cause idk how not to make y'all suffer lmao
   • Characters behavior is obviously not the same as what they are like irl sooooo please don't complain thx
   • Ummmmmm, characters as listed hehe
          Gaston - Jungkook (idk he seemed like a good choice, come at me)
          Lefou - Jimin (if you've ever seen the original movie...yeah you know why)
          Librarian dude - Namjoon (he has a bigger part in this book lmao)
          Beast - Yoongi (idk seemed güd to me??? Idk I'm a mess haha)
          Lumiere - Hobiii (Light,,, sunshine,,, fire?? Yeah you get me)
          Cogsworth - Jin (he acts like a parent I think haha)

   ANYWAY! Enjoy! I'm sorry if this is weird or shitty in any way, love y'all!

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