Woes of a Prince

Woes of a Prince

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Prince Yuuichiro Amane is known for his extraordinary beauty, and is notorious for it all across the joined Kingdoms of Japan, but his parents keep him locked up tight, so very few have had the pleasure of being in his presence (besides Shinoa and Yoichi).

Yuuichiro is what's known as a silent beauty, although he enjoys talking to others, there's just no one around him who relates to him, so he avoids speaking. 

When his parents finally think he's ready to be wed at 16, he has to go to a matchmaking ball, he all but faints at the thought of social interaction. 

Prince Mikaela Tepes is looking for a spouse, and thinks the ball is a perfect mean of completing the task. 

He is outgoing and wild, always happy and enthusiastic, and very intrigued by the likes of Yuuichiro. 

In my ~kingdom fan fiction~ gay marriage is okay, and it's always been okay and it should be okay in our society but life is stupid so MOVING ON BEFORE I RANT. This story is set before our time idk what time but a while ago.

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