Louis Tomlinson Kidnapped Me; No Big Deal

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Jade couldnt hate life more. Alcoholic mom, no show dad, failing high school, and supports her family by working at starbucks. Did i mention Jade had a younger sister named Meredith. Meredith was seven years old and was diagnosed with Leukemia just two years prior when she was five. Meredith died on Jade's sixteenth birthday. It's now a year later, a week before the anniversary of Meredith's passing and Jade's life gets turned upside down, literally. One night, Jade wakes up dangling upside down over the shoulder of Louis Tomlinson. Why you may ask? Read and find out more about why Louis kidnapped her and what will happen in their future.
Spell Check! Please! You have potential, great details, and an interesting topic. 
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This is REALLY good, I love it. You're amazing at writing, I wish I was this good.:-))
Please update soooon. I've became addicted to your fanfics! :)
my names Jade :) ha ha, sorry, i got a bit ahead of my self :P
I already love it and I'm only one chapter one! It's very thrilling :)
Please do I absolutely love this story your an amazing writer! :D