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x Second book of the Chasm series x

"Pit is a negative term, a sunken hole, a state of deep emptiness. I wonder if the Dauntless embraced the name for their center of life just as they embraced their lifestyle that drives them in to such a place."

An unexpected political move drives Tris back into the arms of who she has been needing for months, causing her to disregard the issue of being a fugitive. Upon hearing the truth about the suicide serum, a sense of urgency is spurred to solve the problem of a certain group's uncontrollable behavior.

But Tris and Tobias must make the decision: is it better to keep everyone under a blanket of deceit, or to reveal the truth that will divide the city and instigate an unavoidable war?

WARNING: This story contains discussion of suicide, swearing, and suggestive themes.

  • allegiant
  • dauntless
  • divergent
  • dystopian
  • four
  • fourtris
  • insurgent
  • tobiaseaton
  • trisprior