YuGiOh Shipping's

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Inu By InuVampireChan Updated 3 years ago
Every shipping for the original Yu-Gi-Oh i could find i did this to help people because i know some people are looking for certain shipping's
This comment may be offensive.
don't want to offend  u lovers for this but,this is going to be an enemie type of love?srto thing works but with rhe guy Yami tried to kill him.
I couldn't find the ship of Yugi x Marik if someone could tell me the name I would be very grateful
Does anyone else see that all the shippings between boys is perfectly fine and is always written about but a shipping between two girls is barley or never seen? 
                                    Is it just me or is that the case?
I believe it's Seto Kaiba Seth and someone else...I don't know look it up.
Also, thanks for telling me who Heba was, I was wondering. NOW I CAN RLATE TO PEOPLE! WHEEE!
WHY ARE THERE SO MANY? MY HEAD IS SPINNING! Honestly though, I'm a puzzleshipper.